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  • What is a parent code?

    To join Class123 you will need a student code assigned from your teacher. please obtain your parent code from your child's teacher.

  • Can I share my parent code with other family members?

    Yes, you can share your parent code with various family members.

  • Can I message the teacher?

    You can only message your teacher if your teacher choose to receive messages.

  • Can I post on boards?

    Only teachers can post on boards. Parents or students can't post a new article.

  • Can students message friends?

    Students can't message each other.

  • I lost my password.

    1.Click log in and click Find email / Find password.
    2.Enter your email and click find email.

  • I forgot my email address.

    Teachers can view parents email addresses.
    Ask the teacher for your email address.