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Privacy Policy

1. Personal information collected and the methods to collect

A. Personal information collected

First, the company collects minimal personal information at the time of first registration for seamless customer service and providing a variety of services as follows:


Second, the following information can be automatically collected through use of services and business process:


Third, the following information can be collected only for applicants who filled out their personal information for events.

B. Methods to collect personal information

The Company collects various types of information through members’ use of services, fax, phone, Q&A board, email, and application of events in addition to the information members provided directly to the company when signing up for the service.


2. Collection of Personal Information and Its Purpose

A. Managing Members

Providing membership services, identifying members, restricting services for members who are in violation of terms and conditions of agreement for CLASS123 services, sanctioning the negative acts that interfere with smooth running of the services, confirming the service registration requested by service applicants, getting confirmation from the legal guardians when collecting personal information of children under 14 years old and checking legal guardians’ identifications, preserving records for dispute resolution, resolving the complaints from members, delivering notices, and confirming membership cancellations.

B. Use in Developing New Services and Marketing

Development of new services and personalized services, providing services in accordance with the statistical properties and advertising, confirming the validity of the service, providing the events information and opportunities for participation, providing advertising information, and analyzing the statistics on frequency of access, and analyzing the statistics of service usage of members.


3. Use and Sharing of Personal Information

The Company uses personal information of members within the scope specified under “Section 2. Collection of Personal Information and Its Purpose.” In principle, the company does not disclose personal information outside or for use out of scope without members’ prior consent. However, personal information may be delivered to third parties to deliver gifts to members which he/she has won through application of events.

※ Due to the difficulties of updating the Privacy Policy through which personal information is delivered because of the frequency of events, you can check the delivered personal information for the events from the link provided below.

※ Personal Information Delivered to Third Parties for Events


4. Policy of Retaining Personal Information and Period of Term for Use

The Company destroys all the collected personal information without delay after the stated goals are fulfilled. However, some of the information is retained for a specified period for the following reasons:

A. Reasons to Retain Information by the Company’s Internal Policy

[History of misuse]

B.Reasons to Retain Information by Related Laws

When there is a need to keep the user information by commercial laws and consumer protection laws of E-commerce and more, the company keeps the user information for the following periods as the related Act and subordinate statute specify. In this case, the information is not used for any other purpose than being retained, and the retainment periods are as follows:


[Record of the contract or cancel the subscription]


[Record of the payment and goods and more]


[Record of the electronic financial transactions]


[Record of the consumer complaints and dispute settlement]


[Record of the website visits]


5. Procedure for Personal Information Destruction and Destruction Method

The Company destroys all the collected personal information without delay after the stated goals are fulfilled. The Company destroys the personal information using the following procedures and ways:

A. Procedure of Destruction

B. Destruction Method


6. Users and Legal Representatives’ Rights and ways of use

Users and their legal representatives shall be guaranteed access and correct the personal information of their own or their children under 14 years of age anytime. In addition, users may disagree with the company’s Privacy Policy or request cancelation of their membership if they do not agree with the company’s Privacy Policy. However, in these cases, the users’ access to the service may be limited partially or entirely.
When users request to correct their personal information, the company will not use or provide it until it is corrected. Also, if the wrong information is already provided to a third party before corrections, the corrected information shall be notified to the third party for further corrections without delay.
The "Company" only treats the deleted personal information requested by users or legal representatives in the methods described under Section 4 "Policy of retaining personal information and period of term for use," and it does not allow reading or using the deleted personal information.


7. Information on Installation/Managing the Automatic Collection of Personal Information and its Refusal

A. Descriptions of Cookies and Purpose of Using Cookies

The Company uses cookies that save and recall the users' information to provide more appropriate and useful services. The Cookie is a small data text file sent from the server for the company’s website and is downloaded onto users’ computers when they visit the site. Users have the right to choose the installation of cookies.

B. How to refuse the Cookie

1) Click on [Tool]-[Internet Options] from the menu bar.
2) Click on [Privacy] tab.
3) Click on [Advanced] button.
4) Set your Cookie options to allow cookies or not.


8. Technical / Administrative Protection Measures for Personal Information

The Company has implemented the following protective measures to protect your personal information.

A. Encryption of passwords

Users’ passwords are encrypted. The user is the only one authorized to check/revise/delete his/her personal information, and this is managed only by the user’s ID and password.

B. Countermeasures Against Hacking or Computer Viruses

The Company does its best to prevent users’ personal information from being disclosed or compromised by hacking or computer viruses and is committed to having all the technical means available to ensure more enhanced security measures.

C. Restriction of Personal Information Handlers and Their Training

The Company limits the number of employees that deal with personal information, and conducts training often for its related employees to enforce the implementation and compliance of this Policy.


9. Personal Information Manager and Contact Information

You may report any complaints about protecting personal information to a personal information manager while using the Company’s services. The Company will ensure that it provides you with fast and accurate answers for your reports.


[Personal Information Management Officer]


If you have any other questions or wish to report a violation of personal information, please contact any of the institutions below:


10. Obligation of Notice

The Company shall provide notification for any additions, deletions, or modifications of the current Privacy Policy at least seven (7) days prior to the modification through written notices.


Announcement Date: February 7, 2014

Effective Date: February 14, 2014