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Terms of Use

Article 1 (Purpose of Agreement)

The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions regarding the rights, responsibilities, obligations, and any other necessary duties between the company and its members, in connection with the use of the CLASS123 services provided by NHN Edu Company (hereinafter the "Company").

Article 2 (Definitions)

In this Agreement, the words below have the following meanings:

1. “Service” means the CLASS123 services that its members can use, regardless of the type of device (including a variety of wired and wireless devices such as PCs, TVs, and portable devices).

2. “Teacher Member” means a member who accesses the “Service” as a teacher to use the teacher-only “Services” provided by the “Company” as set forth in the agreement.

3. “Parent Member” means a member who accesses the “Service” as a parent to use the parent-only “Services” provided by the “Company” as set forth in the agreement.

4. "Member" refers to both the "Teacher Member" and "Parent Member" collectively.

5. “ID” means an email address which is a combination of characters and numbers selected by an individual “Member” and approved by the “Company” for identification of the member and usage of “Service.”

6. “Password” means a combination of characters and numbers selected by a “Member” for privacy protection and to confirm that the “Member’s” ID matches the ID selected by the “Member.”

7. "Parent Account Code" means the combination of numbers that are randomly generated to identify individual students and to protect privacy when passing the “Teacher Member’s” individual student’s information to a third person, and “Parent Members” can register for the “Service” using the “Parent Account Code.”

8. "Post" means the posting of words, images, videos, other various files, and links on the “Service” in the form of marks, characters, voices, sounds, images, and videos posted by “Members” in connection with the “Service.”

Article 3 (Publication and Modification of Agreement)

1. The “Company” shall post this Agreement on the homepage of the service to be easily seen by “Members.”

2. The “Company” may modify this Agreement without violation of relevant laws and regulations, including “Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act” and “Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Privacy Act (hereinafter, “Communications Network Act”).

3. When the “Company” modifies the Agreement, notification of the modified Agreement, the reasons for modification, and the effective date shall be provided, along with the current Agreement, between thirty (30) days to one (1) day prior to the effective date of the modified Agreement in the method described in Article 3, Paragraph 1. In cases where the modification of Agreement is deemed to be disadvantageous to the “Members,” notification of the modified Agreement shall be provided clearly through email, electronic message, or a pop-up window for “Members” to provide agreement when logging on, in addition to the formal notification over a certain period.

4. If the “Company” had provided notification of the modified Agreement in accordance with the preceding paragraph, and if a Member does not explicitly express his/her disagreement within thirty (30) days, it will be deemed as consenting to the modification.

5. If a “Member” does not consent to the modified Agreement, the “Company” shall not apply the modified agreement to that member, and the “Member” may request withdrawal (cancellation) from the user agreement. However, when there are special reasons why the existing Agreement cannot be applied, the “Company” may request withdrawal from the user agreement.

Article 4 (Working Rules)

Implications or interpretations that are not specified in the Agreement shall follow relevant laws, regulations or commercial practices.

Article 5 (Service Subscription)

1. Subscription is established with the approval of service usage by the “Company” at the request of users who want to become “Members” (hereinafter “Service Applicants”) with the consent of the user to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

2. In principle, the “Company” shall grant “Service Applicants” usage of the “Service.” However, the “Company” shall not grant the service or terminate the user agreement later in any of the following cases:

3. The “Company” may suspend approval when the company’s facilities have insufficient capacity or there are some technical/business glitches with the company

4. In these cases, the application is not approved or suspended in accordance with Paragraph 2 and 3, and the “Company” shall notify such decisions to the service applicant.

5. Subscription is established when the “Company” confirms approval during the application process.

6. The “Company” may categorize “Members” in accordance with the Company’s policy to designate the hours of use, times of use, or service menu depending on their grade.

7. The "Company" may restrict “Members” from use of service or ratings in compliance with rating and age in accordance with "Promotion of Pictures and Video Products Act” and “Juvenile Protection Act.”

Article 6 (Change in Agreed Information)

1. “Members” may view or edit their own personal information on the personal information management screen anytime. However, a member's “ID” shall not be modified due to the service management.

2. “Members” may modify any information that was entered during registration for the service online or notify the the “Company” by email or other methods of any changes.

3. The “Company” shall not be held responsible for any problems occurring due to the failure to notify the “Company” of any changes through the method described in Article 6, Paragraph 2.

Article 7 (Obligation to Protect Personal Information)

The "Company” shall take all necessary steps to protect the personal information of “Members” as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations, including the “Communications Network Act.” Protection and use of personal information shall be managed under the “Company’s” Privacy Policy and other relevant laws.

Article 8 (Member’s Obligations in the Management of “ID,” “Password,” and “Parent Account Code”)

1. “Members” shall be responsible for safeguarding their member “ID” and “Password,” and shall not allow them to be used by third parties.

2. The “Company” may restrict the use of the user “ID’s” that are deemed to be an invasion of their privacy, crude or offensive to others, or mistaken for representing the "Company” or the company’s operators.

3. If a “Member” discovers that his/her “ID” or “Password” is being wrongly used or used by third parties, the member shall immediately report it to the “Company” and comply with the company’s guidelines.

4. The “Company” shall not be responsible for any incidents that occur because the “Member” failed to report the incidents mentioned in the preceding paragraph 3 or failed to follow the “Company’s” guidelines after reporting them.

5. In cases where a “Member” or an individual who received a “Parent Account Code” from a “Member” discloses the “Parent Account Code” revealing his/her personal information to delinquent individuals or the Internet, all problems due to disclosure of “Parent Account Code” are the sole responsibility of the individual.

Article 9 (Notifying "Members")

1. The “Company” may notify its “Members” through emails that are registered in the service and electronic messages unless specified separately in this Agreement.

2. Posting notices on the bulletin board of the “Company” available to the entire community of “Members” for more than seven (7) days shall constitute notification in the same manner as described in the preceding paragraph.

Article 10 (Obligations of "Company")

1. The “Company” shall not engage in any activities violating this Agreement or undermining good public morals, and shall exert the utmost efforts to provide continuous and stable “Service.”

2. The “Company” shall implement security systems to protect the personal information (including credit information) of its “Members” so that they can use the “Service” safely, and shall provide notification of and observe the Privacy Policy.

3. When an opinion or a complaint filed by a “Member” is deemed subjectively reasonable, the “Company” should address such opinions or complaints immediately. The process and the result of the opinion or complaint filed by the “Member” shall be notified to the “Member” through bulletin boards, emails, etc.

Article 11 (Obligations of Members)

1. “Members” shall not engage in any of the following:

2. A “member” shall observe relevant laws and regulations, the terms and conditions of the Agreement, any cautions related to the services as notified by the “Company,” and notices of the “Company,” and shall not engage in any activity that may obstruct the business of the “Company.”

Article 12 (Providing “Service” and More)

1. The “Company” shall provide the action management service of CLASS123 to its “Members.”

2. The “Company” may divide the “services” into different sections and designate the service hours for each section. In such cases, the different service hours shall be notified to the “Members” beforehand.

3. In principle, “Service” shall be provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

4. The “Company” may restrict or suspend part or all of the services when “service” cannot be provided normally due to national emergency, blackout, “Service” facility failure or “service” congestion.

Article 13 (Modification of “Service”)

1. The “Company” may modify part or all of the “services” when there are significant reasons due to business or technical needs.

2. When there are modifications in content, methods to user, or service hours of “Service”, users shall be notified of these modifications on the main page of the service prior to the modifications and also be provided with reasons for modification, modification details, and effective dates.

3. The “Company” may modify, cease, or change the services, either in part or in entirety, that are provided free as a result of the company’s policy or operation needs, and the “Company” shall not responsible for compensating “Members” unless set forth by the related regulations.

Article 14 (Providing of Information and Publication of Advertisements)

1. The “Company” may provide “members” with a variety of information deemed necessary for “Service” usage in the form of mail or email. However, “Members” may request withdrawal from the mailing list when a Member does not want such information except for the transaction information and other customer service related information.

2. The “Company” may post advertisements in connection with “Service” operation through service screens, websites, or emails. A “Member” who receives email including commercial content may request the “Company” to unsubscribe them such information.

3. “Users (members and non-members)” shall not modify, edit, or restrict the postings and other information provided by the “Company” in connection with service.

Article 15(Rights of “Posts”)

1. A “Member” has rights to “posts” entered by the member within the “Service,” and which are reserved by the member.

2. When the “Company” tries to use “Member’s” “Postings,” the “Company” shall obtain consent from the “Member” beforehand through phone, fax, email, etc.

Article 16 (Administration and Operation of Posts)

1. Rights holders may request to withdraw or delete the posts posted by the “Member” when “postings” include content that violate the “Communications Network Act” or “Copyright Act,” and the “Company” shall take subsequent actions in accordance with the related regulations and laws.

2. Despite there being no requests by the rights holders in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the “Company” may take temporary measures in accordance with related regulations for the “postings” deemed to be infringing on others’ rights or violating company policy or violating other related regulations.

Article 17 (Rights to this Site)

1. Copyrights and Intellectual property of “Service” shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the “Company”. However, the “Postings” posted by “Members” and such works made through partnership shall be excluded.

2. “Members” shall not reproduce, transfer, publish, distribute, or broadcast any information acquired during use of “Service” and shall not give permission to third parties to do so without prior approval from the the “Company.”

Article 18 (Cancellation, Termination of Service)

1. “Members” may withdraw their membership at any time from the company, and the “Company” shall process such requests immediately in accordance with related regulations and laws.

2. When a “Member” cancels this Agreement, all the “Member’s” data shall be deleted immediately except for the information retained by the “Company” in accordance with the Privacy Policy and other related regulations.

3. When a “Member” cancels this Agreement, all of the postings posted by the “Member” shall be deleted. However, any postings shared with third parties shall remain in the “Service” for normal use of service for other members.

Article 19 (Restriction of Service and More)

1. The “Company” may restrict the use of “service” on different levels from warnings, temporary suspensions, and permanent cancellations of the Agreement when a “Member” is in violation of the Agreement or obstructing the normal operation of the “Service.”

2. Despite the preceding paragraph, the “Company” shall cancel the Agreement immediately if a member requested the service under another persons’ identity or stole another persons’ payment information in violation of the “Social Security Act,” provided illegal programs or obstructed service operation in violation of the “Computer Program Protection Act,” committed illegal communications or hacking in violation of the “Communications Network Action,” distributed malicious programs, or exceeded authorized access in violation of other related regulations. When the membership is permanently cancelled in accordance with this Article, all the benefits obtained through use of the “Service” shall be revoked, and the “Company” shall not be responsible for compensating such benefits.

3. The “Company” may restrict the use of services when a “Member” does not log in to the service for more than three (3) consecutive months for protecting personal information and the efficiency of the operation.

4. The “Company” complies with the current Article of Restriction of Service and More and the Service Operation Policy for detailed terms and conditions for the restricted services.

5. If the “Company” restricts the “Service” or cancels the Agreement according to this paragraph, the “Company” shall provide notification in accordance with Article 9 (Notifying “Members”).

6. “Members” may submit an appeal in accordance with the procedures established by the "Company" for such restrictions in accordance with this Article. If the “Company” finds justification in such complaints, the “Company” shall allow the member to resume the “Service.”

Article 20 (Exemption Clause)

1. The “Company” shall be exempt from the obligation to provide service when a natural disaster or other force majeure prevents it from providing the “Service.”

2. The “Company” shall not be responsible for hindrances to the “Service” due to reasons attributable to members.

3. The “Company” shall not be responsible for information, data, credibility of facts, guarantees of reliability of information posted by a “member” in connection with the “Service”

4. The “Company” shall not be responsible for any problems occurring from any trades or transactions through the “service” between “Members” or a “Member” and a third party.

5. The “Company” shall not be responsible for any of the free services that are provided to members unless stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.


Article 21 (Governing Laws and Jurisdiction)

1. The interpretation and implementation of this Agreement and any disputes between the “Company” and “Member” shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.

2. Any disputes between the “Company” and “Member” that are caused by the use of this “Service” shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Korea where the headquarters of company is located.


Announcement Date: February 17, 2014

Effective Date: February 24, 2014