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  • Erika Bushey

    Wexford Montessori Academy / Michigan, USA

    "It's wonderful to set personal and group goals"

    Goal setting is huge in our classroom. It's wonderful to set personal and group goals for behavior as well as academics.

  • Vincent Huynh

    Pacific Harbor School / California, USA

    "Truly enhanced my classroom management"

    Class123's useful tools have truly enhanced my classroom management to be more effective.

  • Cathy Xiong

    Robert F. Wagnet School of Arts and Technology / New York, USA

    "Students get so excited to see Class123 on the screen."

    Class123 is great to provide immediate feedback to parents and students, plus students get so excited to see Class123 on the screen.

  • Suzette Steers

    Wilson Elementary / California, USA

    "It saved me a lot of time."

    I like how I can share student's behavior with parents on a daily basis, it saved me a lot of time.

  • Suho Kim

    Yusuk Elementary School / South Korea

    "Helps teachers to form trust with parents."

    The analytic report serves as an objective data for parents to keep track on students' behavior which also helps teachers to form trust with parents.

  • Maria Gmitro

    Laurel Hill Primary School / South Carolina, USA

    "Positive behaviors greatly increased."

    Positive behaviors greatly increased once I started using Class123. It is simple, fun, very cool and the children LOVE it!

  • Kinam Kang

    Ohnam Elementary School / South Korea

    "Communicate better with parents and students!"

    I use the board as a way of sharing what's going on in the classroom, which helped me to communicate better with parents and students!

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